Anarchic, relentlessly eroticized, ravaged by cataclysm and caught in a vortex of fire, the Los Angeles of Amnesiascope is a landscape of floating time zones and time-capsule cemeteries, beachside bunkers and ghost airports, Persian domes and telescopes that refract memory, overrun by abducted strippers, nomadic artists, reluctant pornographers, subversive newspaper columnists, alienated movie critics, teenage hookers afraid of the rain, and legendary filmmakers who may not exist.

"Erickson is a major player, a spokesman of the chaos generation."
Washington Post Book World

"Erickson is a gambler, one of the fabulous mythmakers who are needed in these times of deprivation of the imagination."
Kathy Acker, New York Times Book Review

"Quite unforgettable. To read Amnesiascope is to be constantly astonished by Erickson's powers of invention. If you buy only one novel this autumn, make sure it's this one."
The Independent (London)

"Cynical, sentimental, hyper-eroticized and romantic, driven by style, incident and humor, Amnesiascope is recommended where quality fiction from the edge is popular."
Library Journal

"One of the few American writers willing to leave himself open to the truly visionary. At once a romantic and futurist, he's willing to take risks others aren't."
Brian Evenson, The Believer

"Erickson has a voice that needs to be heard and a vision that needs to be seen."
Los Angeles Times Book Review

"The ultimate L.A. novelist."