Arc d'X

At the intersection of desire and conscience stands a fourteen-year-old slavegirl surrounded by the men who have touched her: her lover and the inventor of America; a historian perched at the mouth of a volcano on the outskirts of a strange theocratic city; and a washed-up, middle-aged novelist waiting for the end of time in Berlin, where a guerrilla army rebuilds the Wall in the dead of night.

"Mind-warping in its vision, absolute in its integrity, Arc d'X is classic Erickson — as daring, crazy and passionate as any American writing since the Declaration of Independence."
Thomas Pynchon

"A phantasmagoric tour de force, a brilliant, desperate, sheet-soaking nightmare of a novel."

"Flat-out amazing: an allegory about the nature of freedom, the varieties of slavery, and the 'collision of time and memory called history.' Erickson's tour de force unfolds with pitiless logic, gleaming prose, passionate sympathy. Grade: A."
Tom De Haven, Entertainment Weekly

"This is the novel as multiplex cinema. Full of widescreen delights, bold plot shifts, subtle alterations of style, it's a tale about the definition of freedom told with an unfettered imagination, about revolution written in a series of dizzying cartwheels."
Time Out

"A brilliantly imaginative novelist of the utmost seriousness and grace. As Arc d'X amply demonstrates, all too few contemporary talents are so admirably equipped for the deep lateral exploration of our dire and marvelous era."
William Gibson

"Passion, intelligence, intuition and conviction. Steve Erickson is a voice from the future of the novel."
Michael Silverblatt, "Bookworm," KCRW

"Steve Erickson is one of the two or three most exciting novelists in the world today, and Arc d'X is his most exciting novel."
Tom Robbins