Rubicon Beach

Haunted by the past, a political prisoner under police surveillance wanders a ravaged, flooded Los Angeles that floats free of time, where strange music bubbles up through the cracks in the asphalt. There he sights a mysterious young woman in the act of murder, and his pursuit of her leads him into a world of betrayed dreams, decayed meanings and abandoned passions, to the far shores of Rubicon Beach.

"The best novel I've read this year."
Greil Marcus, The Village Voice

"One of the most notable novels of the year. This book is a warning to those who lack the courage to cross the rubicon of their imaginations."
Paul Auster, New York Times Book Review

"Stark, brilliant, a world marked by familiar coordinates but always in fantastic light, as if seen for the very first time."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Exquisite, echoing like poetry, Rubicon Beach is a diamond. Erickson has an absolute vision that moves fearlessly through time and across geographic boundaries. The only thing that can justify the author's arrogance is genius, which, truly and fortunately, Erickson has."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Among the best of contemporary fiction writers . . . his writing is ambitious and near flawless."

"Erickson is brilliant, period. Here in Rubicon Beach is a musical prose of utter clarity that can weld the abstract and the concrete, the daily and the surreal, into a seamless whole. Here is a mind that can both conceive visions and follow them over the edge. Here, I mean, is a writer, whose words reach you where you live."
Michael Ventura, L.A. Weekly

"The dark ever-reaching beauty of Rubicon Beach is the very image and echo of the empty garden of our time. A courageous author, a great book."
East Village Eye