The Sea Came in at Midnight

In the final seconds of the old millennium, a teenage runaway exchanges one dark destiny for another. Answering a cryptic personals ad, she finds haven with a man as obsessed as he is spiritually ravaged. In a locked room he labors over his life's work: a massive blue calendar that attempts to pinpoint the beginning of an age when every life is a millennium unto itself.

"Erickson's best book. This dark dream of a novel reverberates as something both archetypal and up to the minute. It's the news that exists between the lines, the story behind the story, a siren song, a lighthouse's warning beacon."

"Provocative, visionary, the literary equivalent of a tsunami, into which the reader must dive headlong or risk drowning in the author's flood of dreamlike imagery."
Toronto Globe

"Erickson is a master, a dizzying rewriter of history, myth and apocalypse. In the author's universe, entire cities, entire cultures go insane all at once. From the ruins he creates a new tribe, a new kinship map, a strange new world for his characters to enter, reunited, close to whole."
Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Astonishing, terrifying, relayed with unsettling and breathtaking respect for the leaps and elisions that make dreams what they are."
Time Out

"Against a background of chaos, Erickson has fashioned an ingenious Moebius strip of a book."
The New Yorker

"Of all the millennial visions, The Sea Came in at Midnight is likely the most challenging and poetic. If you read one philosophical-doomsday kinky-sex road-trip novel this year, make it this one."
Sarah Vowell, Salon

"One of the most important writers of his generation. Reading The Sea Came in at Midnight you feel your entire history speeding by as an amorphous blur. Erickson's work feels like right here, right now. Against it, most new fiction reads like it was written by stenographers."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution